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Advantages of Giving to the Foundation

Montgomery County Community Foundation makes giving easy, effective, and enjoyable by acting as the long-term steward of assets entrusted to us and offering individuals, families, committees, and businesses the opportunity to be engaged with their giving in ways that positively impact individuals, nonprofits, and our community as a whole. 


Giving should warm your heart, not burden you with tax complications and ongoing administrative details. Your fund at the Community Foundation can be established with a simple governing document that requires less than an hour to prepare and complete. A member of our staff will guide you carefully through the process, and you won’t have to cope with the complexities of setting up a private foundation.


We take pride in our ability to meet your charitable objectives. You may choose to establish a fund that supports specific charitable organizations or programs, the community’s greatest areas of need, or a broad field of interest. You may also contribute to an existing fund or make an unrestricted gift that our Board of Directors will put to good use in the community on your behalf. 


We know you consider your charitable gifts to be an investment — in your community, your church, your alma mater, or whatever causes you select. Tap into the expertise of our staff, who are available to assess grant possibilities, research a giving option, or to discuss opportunities with you. We care a great deal about the impact of your gifts and will ensure that your giving experience rewards you with great satisfaction and joy.

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