We are all living through an unprecedented time of personal and financial anxiety.  As the community focuses on people, Houston SPCA continues their diligent work on behalf of the animals that need their help. In addition to domestic animals such as dogs and cats, they serve  native wildlife, companion animals, and farm animals during this crisis. The organization will assist families, animals, and the community-at-large, and proactively respond to the crisis as long as this critical work is necessary.  During the global pandemic, Houston SPCA has:

  • Animal cruelty investigators protecting the most vulnerable victims of abuse and neglect.
  • Provided nearly 10,000 pounds of pet food to local food banks and human service groups that work with seniors and vulnerable populations.
  • Received 60 to 80 animals every day at its Wildlife Center. The shelter-at-home order has resulted in record numbers of Good Samaritans finding injured wildlife in their yards and communities. This year they’ve had 4,551 wildlife in our care compared with 3,691 last year, a 23% increase.
  • Its injured animal rescue ambulance on call 24/7.


As a grantee of Montgomery County Community Foundation, Houston SPCA cruelty investigators pride themselves on helping everyone in the communities they serve.

Investigator Natalie Parsons, who works in Montgomery, Liberty and North Harris counties says she sees herself as a “resource rather than just an enforcer.” She spends much of her time educating the public about the proper care for animals. “Often I am helping people who lack the resources or understanding of appropriate animal well-being. My job is to provide advice and training,” shares Parsons.

Yet Parsons is also responsible for investigating cases of cruelty, abuse, and neglect. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she has seen a decrease in many of the non- abuse reports she receives, but a tremendous spike in the number of animal abuse reports. On average, she sees to two animal abuse reports per month. Since the COVID-19 crisis hit, Parsons has responded to an average of 6 reports per month; abuse cases have tripled during the pandemic.

In the event you witness animal abuse, Parsons encourages you to take caution. “Try to document the situation on video, if it is safe for you to do so.  Then contact Houston SPCA for further investigation,” she suggests.  To report animal cruelty, you can complete the  Online Animal Cruelty Report at HoustonSPCA.org or call 713-869-7722.  To learn more about Houston SPCA, click here..

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