We are better together!!  During a time of crisis, the nonprofit community rallies together to address the increasing demand and needs of our residents.  The COVID 19 virus is no exception!  TeachAcademic, Community Assistance Center and Montgomery County Community Foundation are working together to increase rent, mortgage, utility and food assistance to residents across Montgomery County.  Your donation will go directly to Montgomery County residents who are struggling to meet basic needs of their families and provide stability even after their hours have been severely reduced, been furloughed or laid off.  TeachAcademic is managing the social media outreach to engage donors – especially the youth; Community Assistance Center is distributing these donations by providing financial assistance for rent. mortgage and utilities for those in greatest need across the county and Montgomery County Community Foundation is offering technical support.  The name of this effort is “By the People, For the Community.”

To join our effort, click on By the People, For the Community.   The partners in this effort are:

TeachAcademic is a youth service organization that seeks to empower and integrate all aspects of the community. We are an organization that seeks to grow, uplift and mobilize the youth of the community through one-on-one academic consulting with tutors from high school teaching students from K-12. As a youth service organization, TeachAcademic engages in community events and partners with local nonprofit organizations in assisting the people the most effective way possible.  With the escalation and the spread of the virulent COVID-19, TeachAcademic is now partnering with the Montgomery County Community Foundation  and Community Assistance Center to rally the community around the three main goals of the New Deal Program in the 1930s: relief, reform and recovery.

Community Assistance Center’s vision is to strengthen Montgomery County one neighbor at a time by acting on its mission to provide resources to meet basic needs and improve quality of life for our neighbors in Montgomery County. There are times when an critical emergency expense comes up such as an auto repair, medical bill, loss of hours or a natural disaster that pulls family resources away from the basic necessities.  CAC strives to fill the gap between what a family can pay and what is needed to pay the rent or mortgage, utility bills, prescriptions and food.  Sometimes families on the edge of poverty need more of a hand up to stabilize their situation until they are able to regain self-sufficiency.  CAC is pivotal in linking people who have been affected by a disaster such as the Covid-19 pandemic, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Imelda to the resources needed to recover.  Click here to see CAC’s website.

Montgomery County Community Foundation builds the future by creating legacies that improve the quality of life through support of non-profits serving Montgomery County and scholarships.  Life is complex and people have a range of needs and passions.  Based on available funds, The Community Foundation is able to support all nonprofits that address areas such as human services, health, the arts and culture, animal welfare, education, environmental sustainability and preservation and public safety.   As the long ranging funding platform for Montgomery County, the Community Foundation offers donors with a passion to strategically build the future of Montgomery County through donor advised funds, designated agency funds, field of interest funds, unrestricted funds and post high school scholarships.  In addition, the Community Foundation manages a Long Term Disaster Recovery Fund that helps families recover after the initial funds have been expended to get their housing safe and livable.