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MCCF Long Term Disaster Recovery Fund Donation
MCCF Long Term Disaster Recovery Fund Donation
MCCF Long Term Disaster Recovery Fund Donation
MCCF Long Term Disaster Recovery Fund Donation
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Long Term Disaster Recovery Fund

Many residents in Montgomery County are deeply affected by Hurricane Harvey. The pictures have shown an enormous amount of damage that will change people’s lives dramatically. Montgomery County estimates 7,000 to 10,000 households have been damaged by this disaster. While many worthwhile organizations are focusing on the immediate response effort for Montgomery County, Montgomery County Community Foundation board members know there will be future long term disaster recovery needs in our county.

As a result, Montgomery County Community Foundation has opened a Long Term Disaster Recovery Fund that will focus on the long term recovery needs after this disaster – not the immediate response needs – of Montgomery County residents. Getting back to normal when your home is damaged is not easy for people who are elderly, disabled or living on the edge of poverty. Federal dollars are limited and do not always cover the full cost of making a home habitable.

Our commitments to you and Montgomery County are:

    • All funds contributed to this fund will be expended over the next 1-5 years to help those who have a proven gap between available resources and what they need to be whole again.

    • Funds are for Montgomery County residents only, in all parts of the county – Conroe, East County, Magnolia, Montgomery, South County, Willis - wherever households have been damaged.

    • There will be no administrative fees charged to manage these donations. All donations will be used for long term disaster recovery.

    • People helped by this fund will be vetted locally by a third party case manager who helps them develop a workable plan for their recovery. o Disaster Case Managers are typically hired and trained through non-profit groups with funds made available by FEMA and administered by the State of Texas. These individuals are taught the ins and outs of funding and how to leverage other resources that are available to the funds managed by MCCF are strategically invested to bring in other resources, such as volunteers, discounts and in-kind donations, as well.

    • MCCF will partner with other organizations to develop the most efficient and effective solutions to fill the gap people have in their plan to fully recover from the disaster.

      o A few months after a disaster, an Unmet Needs Table is established with non-profit and faith based organizations who want to and have the resources to help people who still need help getting back on their feet. Resources could be in-kind items such as furniture, building materials, supplies, etc.; volunteers, including licensed professionals; discounts; and funds for specific needs. MCCF will be one of the members of that Unmet Needs Table with the Long Term Disaster Recovery Funds to help people get back to a new normal that is safe and manageable.

We need your support now! While the rest of us move on with life, many disaster survivors will be struggling to get their feet back under them for several years.


to the Long Term Disaster
Recovery Fund

To send a check, mail to:
MCCF Long Term
Disaster Recovery Fund
9320 Lakeside Blvd., Bldg. 2, Ste.200
The Woodlands, TX 77381

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mccfoundation.org/Recovery_Fund with others who would like to help!

If you have questions,
feel free to call or email me at jmartineau@mccfoundation.org.

I thank you for your generous support!

Julie P. Martineau,
Executive Director